Colorful Voice

Colorful Voice investigates the relationship between voice and color. I began by interviewing people about what they saw as the relationships between their voices and colors. I spread seven disks in the colors of the spectrum—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, navy, and purple—onto a table and asked what color is your voice and why. I also gave a questionnaire asking for personal information such as name, age, nationality, profession, and sex, and the reason why people chose a specific color. I then asked each interviewee to fill in the blanks and read what they wrote on the paper both in their mother language and in English. While they read the texts, I recorded their voices, and after that, I took a photo of the interviewee holding a colored disk in front of their mouth. I presented this piece on iTunes, which allows both visual and audio access.

An essential point of my work so far relates to subjective and objective systems in relation to sound and graphics. I am curious about how others see the transition between subjectivity and objectivity. Since everyone played xylophone in their childhood, I guessed they have an idea of a logical spectrum relationship between colors and sounds, at least unconsciously. However, in fact, only a few people associated the color of their voice with pitch. Instead, they talked about their personality—introvert or extrovert, talkative or quiet, attractive or off-putting, happy or sad, energetic or depressed, etc.—and related these qualities to color. This documentation project encouraged me to recognize the variety of relationships between voice and graphics, and I hope it will do the same for viewers.

©Irma Boom

©Francis Upritchard

©James Goggin